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Video Podcast #11 – Gabe Dasilva – Expansion Development

Video Podcast #11 – Gabe Dasilva – Expansion Development

15:35 03 October in Podcasts


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Show Notes

-What is expansion development?
-Niche: “Add a levels”
-Key factors to look for
-Research and evaluating
-Some advantages vs ground up development
-Important team members (Architect & Engineer)
-Step by step walk through
-Fail small & fail often


Learn & Earn:


  • Jen hollstein 02:00h, 04 October

    Good topic. Thank you. I would be interested in finding out more about the sq/ ft pricing described for new construction vs rehab. What is included and what do you leave out in that cost

  • Gabe 08:39h, 04 October

    Thanks Jen. If you drop me a note on email I’ll gladly try and help.

    In the interest of full disclosure though I should say we no longer build at those numbers. As counterintuitive as it seems, as you scale, it becomes impossible to keep costs down that low. And to be frank the only reason we ever did in the first place is because we used to GC all our own stuff.

    But such is the catch 22 of a growing REI business I guess Haha