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By Miles80
#1077 Dear Partners,
Check this out.
And it is free to sign up!!!!
Just another way to getting your deals done JV style as well as getting paid to refer.


Today YOU can flip unlimited houses
with “No Skin In The Game”.

Take Advantage of This…
No Down Payment
No Loan Payments
No Renovation Funds Required
No Loan Application Required
No Credit Check
No Income Check
No Loan Guarantee To Sign
Unlimited Deals
Unlimited Profit
Now YOU can earn Tens of Thousands
per deal and do unlimited deals.

.As well as

Make A Good Living Referring People In Real Estate

It’s now possible to build quite a bit of residual income by emailing people in real estate an invitation to partner with our investors...

Renovation Funders helps sellers get the funding they need to renovate their homes before selling, so they can get top dollar for the home rather than having to accept a low ball offer (not a loan).

The following folks can ALL benefit a great deal financially…

● You

● Sellers

● Investors

● Contractors

● Lenders

● Rehabbers

● Realtors

● Wholesalers

Sponsor Link to Referrers Video/
This is the link below you want to watch asap!!!!

All the best,

Eva :banana
By Miles80
#1082 Hi Ryan,
Renovation Funders is a platform. I am new to it and I am working it at the level of a refer for now. But my goal is to move into there news program whereby I can get offers from wholesalers and or real estate brokers and rehab properties without using any of my cash. But JV with them for a share of the profits. I am also going to look into how to invest capital in some of the projects that the area managers are offering via the platform using my IRA. So I say that to say this. It is more then just a refer platform. But just like any other platform. They need people at all levels to help them locate investors, real estate agents, lenders,contractors, home owners etc. It does not cost any thing to submit a deal for a JV. Its free. And if the deal is accepted. You have the choice as to whether it is fair and or if you would come out better with using some other form of financing for greater returns. Like any other platform due diligence is needed. But I put it out there for those who are looking to perhaps take there investing to another level via this platform. Take a look at it. Leave no stone unturned. Reach for the sky. You just may land among the stars!!!!! Keep sending the deals Ryan.

Bigger Pockets gives some feed back on the platform. It may be helpful. Google them too